Going Forward, Callaway Plans to Re-Introduce Sexy
By Conor Nagle under Equipment

Timberlake at Torrey Pines in 2008. He plays off 6, apparently.

Callaway Golf has announced the appointment of snake-hipped pop star Justin Timberlake as the company’s new “Creative Director”.

The Grammy-winning star (are Emmys worth mentioning? No?) has made no secret of his enthusiasm for the game in recent years and, in addition to founding a PGA Tour event, has helped popularise the semi-ironic wearing of fedoras and flat caps.

These credentials, in addition to Timberlake’s reputedly irresistible sexual magnetism, have led Callaway to consider him the ideal marketing asset.

Tim Buckman, a spokesperson for the company, explained the appointment in the context of the singer’s intuitive grasp of advertising.

“We were first drawn to him a few years back because he’s a fantastic golfer [Oh, really…]

“Over the years, as we got to know him better, we found we were really just scratching the surface of the talent he has. He has a very keen sense of how things should look, should feel, should sound; he’s incredibly multifaceted…

“Those talents will serve us well as we look to connect to the next generation of golfers, as well as our current customers.”

Sounds like Callaway thinks those crazy kids will buy whatever Timberlake’s selling. And frankly, who’s to argue with them?

Conor Nagle