The Perth International Exists Now
By Conor Nagle under General

One of Lake Karrinyup's murderous kangaroos.

Lake Karrinyup in Perth has just become home to the richest golf tournament in Australia!

The inaugural Perth International Golf Championship, set to take place in October of next year, will offer a prize fund of over US$2million and hopes to prove capable of attracting a handful of the biggest stars in world golf.

Quite who these stars will be are anyone’s guess, but IMG representative Robbie Henchman (Best. Corporate. Name. Ever.) sounds rightly pleased with himself:

“We have enjoyed a terrific partnership with the Western Australian Government over the past decade in the staging of a number of successful events and we now look forward to developing an annual event in the Perth International.  On behalf of IMG I wish to extend our thanks to the Government for their vision and outstanding support.”

Translation: thanks for the tax breaks; we’re totes appreciative.

I’ve been rooting around on the club’s website and have discovered that if you plan on venturing out onto those lovely, manicured, Western Australian fairways anytime soon, only socks worn above the ankle will be considered acceptable.


Conor Nagle