Boo Weekley on Q-School, His “Psychologist,” Tiger and More
By Stephanie Wei under Interviews

Boo is one of a kind...and gives epic interviews

Boo Weekley was kind enough to take a break from practicing on Tuesday at PGA West, the day before the first round of Q-school finals, and chat with me for 20 minutes. Boo, who is famous for galloping down the first fairway, a la Happy Gilmore, at the ’08 Ryder Cup team, only made $279,531 in the 2011 season, finishing 181st on the money list. Which meant he had to go back and play second stage, which was held on a course he played growing up, to advance to finals.

The Q&A is posted on, which is definitely worth the full read (and it’s educational — I learned how to get baby alligators to come to you), but here are my favorite excerpts:

*A lot of it is psychological, too?
Yeah, there’s a lot of that. My psychologist, I had to get rid of the one I had, so I started up with 12 new ones. I went and seen one twice, and we sat around for a little bit, and I figured he was just as full of s— as I was. So I said, I’m just going to go back to my old one, which was go buy a 12 pack of beer and sit around and drink it, and then I can discuss it with myself, you know?

*Did you watch the Presidents Cup?
No. I don’t watch golf. Who won? Seriously.

The Americans won.
Did they? Well, good deal.

*Tiger finished third at the Australian Open, and then he looked pretty good at the Presidents Cup, especially in singles. What’s your opinion of Tiger and his game these days?
I can tell you right now, my hat’s off to him for what he’s done for me and my family, and everybody out here ought to thank him. First you start with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, and Tiger has done nothing but make it bigger for us and made our paydays a lot bigger. But as far as his game goes, I don’t see where he’s going to have a problem. He’s still young enough. He’s 35 years old, and he’s going to find him some more girls, a girlfriend later on down the road. Somebody to help him take on what he’s got. But I don’t see where there’s a problem with his golf game. He just needs to take care of his other stuff first.

*On Golf Channel earlier this year, you said you know how to communicate with alligators.
[Weekley demonstrates an alligator call.] I grew up around alligators when I was a kid, and you get to hear a lot of the babies when they hatch out. They make that noise, something similar to that, and when you’re doing that the mamas are close by, and they usually come to find out what they’re doing and what’s going on. They’ll just come to you.

Read the full interview here.