When Aussies Attack…
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Allenby (d-)bags an award, after all...

Presidents Cup teammates Robert Allenby and Geoff Ogilvy nearly came to blows, exchanging heated words at the after-party for the Australian PGA on Sunday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Several accounts from witnesses claimed Allenby approached Ogilvy and offered to settle the dispute physically and at least one glass broke before Allenby walked away.

The source of the disagreement between the two Aussies originated from the Presidents Cup. Allenby, a captain’s pick, was widely criticized for his terrible form, leading him to lose all four of his matches. He defended himself by claiming that several of his teammates — Geoff Ogilvy, Retief Goosen and Y.E. Yang — were to blame for hitting shots that “left him in the s**t.”

Added Allenby: “People look and say how disappointing can you be, because you didn’t get a point, but when you’re relying on someone else as well, it’s sometimes not all just you.”

He also said Ogilvy had “hit me in the trees three times off the tee, and I had to chip out three times” in the Saturday foursomes match.

I’m not sure if Allenby remembers the matches properly because he was pretty terrible on his own. If he needs a refresher, I’ve got it saved on DVR, and yep, I see Allenby digging his own way to an 0-4 record.

That’s besides the point, though — apparently he needs a lesson in “How not to be a d-bag” “How to be a team player” — which usually isn’t necessary because the tenets are based on simple common sense. You know, like, take personal responsibility; don’t throw your teammates under the bus, etc.

Let’s not forget Allenby’s history of douchbaggery. He’s allegedly such an awful human being that mid-round at the ’07 BMW Championship, his former caddie dropped the bag, took off his bib and threw the yardage book at his player before storming off the course.

Well, Ogilvy made no secret he wasn’t happy with Allenby’s accusations. In the third round when Allenby stormed into contention at the Australian PGA, where he eventually tied for runner-up, Ogilvy sent a tweet: “Warms the heart to see Robert playing so well this week.” Which, I interpreted to be dripping with sarcasm, but Ogilvy later told the press that it was genuine.

According to The Australian, at the after-party Allenby confronted Ogilvy about the tweet and Ogilvy responded by asking him why he didn’t take responsibility for his play. (That sentence was rather amusing to type.)

Ogilvy’s manager, Paul Galli, downplayed the altercation.

“I wasn’t there, but from what I’ve been told, it’s a storm in a teacup,” Galli told The Age. There were a few words spoken. They will be fine. I’ve got no doubt they can come together at the (Australian) Masters in a few weeks, have a beer and move on.

”It goes back to what Robert said. Geoff didn’t like being blamed by a teammate. But he didn’t want to be part of the discussion (after Allenby approached him at the Coolum after-party) and he doesn’t want it to go any further. Let’s focus on three great weeks for Australian golf.”

Now it’d really warm the heart to see those two having a pint together in two weeks.