Sweeney Soiree No Party for Rory
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Ready for a Rory Roast...

U.S. Open champ Rory McIlroy’s former girlfriend Holly Sweeney is taking a very public jab at McIlroy and his current lady friend, world No. 1 tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. Sweeney hosted a ‘Golf Pros, Tennis Hoes’ themed dinner party for her appearance on reality show Celebrity Come Dine With Me, according to the Irish Daily Mail.

Critics are calling Sweeney’s actions a cheap shot and/or shameless revenge. Eh, kinda, but not really. I don’t condone stuff like that and it’s no secret WUP is a huge Rory fan, but I was rather amused when I heard about Holly’s ploy because, well, it’s pretty funny and quite clever. Plus, it’s an indirect reference to Wozzilroy (I don’t believe it’s meant to attack Caroline, who shouldn’t be bothered, anyway) and Rory has publicly humiliated Holly a hundred times over.

For a little background, the 22-year-old golfer from Northern Ireland met Holly when he was 17 and she was 15. They dated for roughly five years, off and on.  They broke up in the off-season last year, but they still loved each other and talked nearly every day. From a conversation I had with Rory in March, shortly before they got back together, I could tell he was genuine about his feelings for her and really missed her — it was sweet.

Then, apparently Rory begged Holly to get back together (which was reportedly no easy feat) until she finally agreed. She accompanied him to the Masters and stuck by his side and comforted him after his disappointing Sunday meltdown at Augusta. At the U.S. Open, she decided to stay home because she didn’t want to be a distraction. After Rory’s epic win, there were all sorts of stories about the couple and a BBC special, where Rory credited Holly for the secret to much of his success. (FYI, Holly was uncomfortable with the media frenzy at the Ryder Cup.)

Not long after the British Open, Rory dumped Holly and started dating Caroline. The superstar couple haven’t been shy about their public romance. They dubbed themselves as “Wozzilroy” and tweet pictures of gifts with the nickname engraved. They also don’t mind making out in front of the Yale football team and a slew of photographers. Over the weekend, Rory changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of him and Caroline.

Not afraid of PDA!

That all said, I can sympathize with Holly. (Maybe it’s a girl thing?) Even if she doesn’t actively look for evidence of Wozzilroy’s relationship, it’s hard to avoid.

Recently, while Holly was filming the show, she received a text message from Rory, who had just gotten wind of her plan, begging her not to go through with it. Here’s the account from the Daily Mail, via the Irish Independent:

“She was preparing the starter when her iPhone went off. A series of text messages arrived one after another and she just stopped dead in the kitchen,” a source on the programme told the paper.

“She started laughing and said Rory had just discovered that she was having a tennis and golf themed night and asked her to back out of it. She just laughed and carried on cooking,” the TV3 show source said.

Holly is said to wear a very short white tennis skirt and tight top for her dinner party. The celebrity special features other Irish household names including Pippa O’Connor, VIP magazine publisher Michael O’Doherty, former rugby pro Shane Byrne and star of the Rubber Bandits video model Madeline Mulqueen.

Sounds harmless enough. Besides, maybe Holly just liked the theme. Remember, she’s a 20-year-old college student! I can’t even tell you how many ‘Golf Pros, Tennis Hoes’ parties I attended at Yale. It felt like there was one practically every other week. Were the women’s tennis players offended? No, they fully embraced the theme and dressed the part.

I hope the show will be available online when it airs during the Christmas holiday. But again, I don’t condone trying to get back at your ex on a public forum on a reality TV show. At the same time is it that much worse than what Wozzilroy’s been doing for the last four-five months?

Drama, drama, drama!