Hollis Stacy: Shocked and Awed by HOF Honor
By Stephanie Wei under LPGA

Hollis Stacy

Former golfing star Hollis Stacy, 57, hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Despite winning 18 LPGA tournaments, four of which were majors, Stacy didn’t meet the stringent criteria of the LPGA Hall of Fame points system, but qualified for the Veterans Category that was created in 2000 for players who might have been overlooked.

Stacy wasn’t sure if she’d ever get the phone call, but last week LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan phoned Stacy with the good news — which makes for a terrific story.

From the presser:

HOLLIS STACY:  It was very funny ‑‑ Mike was very clever about this phone call.  He goes, “Well, we have to get this story about the Titleholders,” so I did a little research on the Titleholders.  Oh, there’s a little controversy and everything.  We had a conference call at 10:45.

I live west of Bradenton, so I rushed out of the house.  I said, I’ve got to leave because I’ve got this call.  So I’m driving, 10:45, over the skyway bridge, which as you know ‑‑ I don’t know if you’ve been over the skyway bridge, but it will scare the heck out of you.  So I’m over it, and I have no service.  10:45, and I went, oh, no.  So then I pull over, and still no service.

So then I said, well, I’d better go find some service because I have a very bad carrier.  So I’m racing down 275 and trying to find the bars.  Mind you, I have no driver’s license because I had that stolen (while I was) driving out here.

MIKE WHAN:  Let’s leave that out of the story if we could. [Ed. note: Sorry, Mike.]

HOLLIS STACY:  But anyway, it’s in the mail. Anyway, so I get the phone call, and I had my business cap on.  So not only am I going to talk about the Titleholders and one cute story when I was 11 years old, but I need to sneak something in, what I’m working on right now, because I’ve got two things I’m working on that he’s got to hear.

So I had my business cap on, and then the call goes through, and then Mike goes, “And Jack Peter is on the other line.”  I went, oh, no, is this the call?  And so my whole mind went blank.  Jack was talking, but I really don’t know what he said, and just the fact that I was in the Hall of Fame.

I think I may have said two words the entire conversation, and they were, “I’m shocked” ‑‑ three words:  “I’m shocked, I’m overwhelmed, and I’m so honored.”  So to be a part of the Hall of Fame is a dream come true, and I accept it for myself and for my family.  It’s just a wonderful honor, and it will be a very important day in my family’s life and my city of Savannah and state of Georgia, so I’m going to make that an important thing.

But I do thank you for helping me, whatever you did, and Mike for pulling for me.  Thanks a lot.

Stacy never thought her 83-year-old mother, Matilda, would live long enough to see her inducted because of “the politics of being elected to the Hall.”

So, how did Stacy feel when she received the news after the long wait?

“I had conditioned myself not to think about it because I think it did bug me a little bit,” she said. “It did bug me because I had won four majors, and I considered them four hotels, like Monopoly.  Four hotels, and each hotel is four houses, so that’s how I thought of it.

“Anyway, but I was so shocked and overwhelmed when I got the call.  It was quite exciting to say the least.”

Stacy will be inducted in the class of 2012 next May in St. Augustine’s, along with Phil Mickelson and at least two others yet to be named.