Phil Bullish on Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

The bride, the minister and the bridesmaid. Adorable!

Add Phil Mickelson to the camp that believes Tiger Woods will return to his winning ways. In fact, Mickelson, who finished tied for 33rd at the Singapore Open, said it’s “inevitable” Tiger will regain his form, according to the AFP on Sunday:

“I’ve played with him a couple of times throughout the year, watched him hit it and you can tell that his swing speed has come back,” Mickelson said in Singapore.

“So I don’t know when it will all click and he’ll be back to his normal self but I feel like it’s inevitable that he will get back there because he seems to keep getting better and better.”

I hope Phil wasn’t too genuine and was just saying what he was supposed to say — unless he really does enjoy playing the eternal bridesmaid — because Tiger’s return to pre-scandal form means Lefty will once again play second fiddle to him.

For some reason, Mickelson’s touting Tiger’s comeback reminded me of Jason Sobel’s quip in the final round of the Australian Open:

And that, my friends, is what you call an awesome tweet.

(AP Photo/Andrew Brownbill)