Norman: This Is Your Captain Speaking, Listen Up (and to Adam, Too)!
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Adam Scott, all grown up

Greg Norman plans to be more assertive as the team’s commander-in-chief this time around, according to Martin Blake in The Age:

”My captaincy will be a little different this time. It will definitely be different this coming week. I am going to be more a captain instead of seeking advice and other people’s opinions and trying to make everybody happy. At the end of the day, you’ve got to make the decisions. By making those firm decisions, the guys will realise that this is the captain speaking, this is what he wants us to do.”

However, Norman is encouraging of the leadership role Adam Scott has assumed.

“He has matured into the role because he wants to win it. He has been on a couple of losing teams, and he doesn’t like it.

”He knows he is one of the top guys in the world. He has taken that responsibility on.

”I did not ask him to do it. He just absorbed it.”

Scott started giving pep talks to his teammates long before the Internationals arrived in Australia. During team gatherings leading up to the Presidents Cup, he has taken charge of firing up the guys to kick some American arse. Via the Herald Sun:

“I’ve just talked about it with the guys and helped get everyone fired up. You want to make sure we have players in good spirits,” Scott said.
“I think this will be Greg’s last captaincy and this is a big deal to him, all of us.

“I can offer a bit of experience at playing at Royal Melbourne and playing Presidents Cup. I could certainly take out a rookie and make him feel comfortable if that was the pairing that needed to happen.”

Scott’s contributions at this year’s matches seems to be quite a contrast from 2009 when Norman selected the slumping Australian as one of his two captain’s picks, hoping to jumpstart his confidence. Adam finished the week with a 1-4 record, but I have a feeling he just might come through with a winning record in 2011.