Is Stevie…I Mean, Adam v. Tiger Coming Soon to a Screen Near You?
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Norman to Tiger: "I said, 'Tiger, you know that you need golf as much as golf needs you. Get back into it.'"

International captain Greg Norman believes it will be inevitable for Steve Williams Adam Scott and Tiger Woods to face each other at this week’s Presidents Cup, giving fans at Royal Melbourne and viewers across the world the marquee match they all want.

”If it happens, it happens,” said Norman, according to Martin Blake of the Sydney Morning Herald. ”It is not going to be premeditated. I talked to Adam about it. I asked him if it worked out that way, did he have a problem with it. He said, ‘Not at all. I’ll play him and win a point for you.’ It can fall out that way. He might end up playing with him every day. Who knows? I’d expect them to meet some time from Thursday onwards.”

Prior to the controversy over Stevie Williams’ dig directed at Tiger, his former boss, it had been rumored that Australian Open organizers were planning to group together Stevie’s new employer, Scott and Tiger (and Jason Day) in the first two rounds. After the widespread outrage, mandatory apology and makeup stemming from the unfortunate comment, it didn’t happen, much to our disappointment. Scott, and Tiger were almost paired on Sunday, purely based on coincidence due to scores — they were separate by a stroke and it looked like a possibility, but due to the “first-in, last-out” rule, it didn’t happen.

Luckily, there will be ample opportunities for Scott, Stevie and Tiger to face off either in singles or in the foursome/fourball formats. (After all, there are 34 total matches and nobody sits in Thursday’s and Friday’s matches.)  Which is not a bad thing — we need more feuds in golf and it doesn’t get much more dramatic than Stevie v. Tiger. Even if all parties deny it as a grudge match, it sure will feel and look like one. And what’s the harm?

“I don’t think it will affect Adam or Tiger,” said Norman, according to the Herald Sun. If that happens (playing against each other), both of them will step up and try to win the point.”

Added Scott: “I have no problem at all playing with Tiger and I told Greg that. If it’s the right pairing to go out there, I’m not going to be avoiding it, I’ll be out there trying to win a point. There’s no awkwardness between me and Tiger. Everyone will get on with the job.”

Well, they are supposed to be professionals (despite what some actions and comments may suggest at times).

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)