Day: ‘Tiger’s known for shoving things down people’s throats.’
By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

Jason Day: master of innuendo.

Everyone’s been pretty impressed by the performance of Tiger Woods over the first two days of the Australian Open, but the exhibition has been a particularly special one for Queensland native Jason Day.

The 23-year-old, thrilled to have been granted the honour of sharing a fairway with his boyhood idol, has spent the week paying tribute to Woods’ enduring competitive instincts.

But, as hundreds of jokes can well attest, when it comes the former World Number One, it can be something of a semantic minefield out there.

Day found that out the hard way when he stumbled unwittingly upon the quote of the tournament during a post-round interview earlier today.

Fox’s Robert Lusetich has the gory details:

“Tiger’s known for shoving stuff down people’s throats,” [Day] said.

“And he’s certainly doing that now.”

Snicker-inducing quotage aside, the Australian also had a couple of interesting things to say on the subject of Woods’ ball-striking.

“He’s got more shots than me in the bag right now, definitely,” he said.

“He hit some shots where I’m just sitting there going, ‘Wow.’ I feel like I can play a lot of different shots, but some shots that guy hits are just amazing.

“He hits shots that the top 1 percent of the PGA Tour players can’t hit.”


Conor Nagle