More Good News for Tiger, Stop the Presses!
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Who else to break Tiger-Woods-sponsor-related news other than Darren Rovell, agent Mark Steinberg’s go-to man? The tireless Rovell (seriously, does this guy ever sleep?? — it’s impressive) tweeted the above announcement that Tiger Woods has signed a contract with a new sponsor. What is Fuse Science? Well, it appears the “patent-pending drops and gels” are applicable to products geared toward athletes.

“Fuse Science breakthroughs can deliver Energy, Nutrition, Medication, Skin Care and an endless number of other products with faster absorption, quicker results and better efficacy,” according to the company’s website.

The company has developed a sports-drink product, “Powered by Fuse,” which sounds like it’s Gatorade on steroids (not actually steroids, to be clear). Oh, there’s also something called “EnerGel,” with the tagline, “Dominate the Game With Sustained Energy.” The marketing points outlined on the website say: 1) Helps address site specific muscle fatigue; 2) Instant Full Body Energy with natural anti-inflammatory; 3) All Natural Ingredients.

I’m intrigued. And it actually seems like the perfect fit for the aging Tiger, who has battled with nagging injuries in recent years.

From the company’s news release:

“This is a very big day for our company and what it means to be Powered by Fuse,” added Brian Tuffin, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our partnership with the world’s best is an enabler to have a worldwide impact sooner than later. Tiger recognizes the significance of the journey we’re on as a company, and wants to be part of our growth while leverage the technology to make a difference globally.”

“Beyond sports, this technology applies in so many ways,” added Tiger. “The long-term potential is significant. To me, that’s something much bigger than golf.”

Woods will represent the Fuse Science technology, intellectual property, unique delivery system, and future products to be developed in the sports nutrition and energy categories.

Tiger opened with a bogey-free, four-under 68 at the Australian Open on Thursday, putting him on the first page of the leaderboard at T8. I can’t remember the last time I used “bogey-free” and “Tiger” in the same sentence. According to the AP’s Doug Ferguson, Tiger’s last bogey-free round came in the second round of the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

A fine 68 to kick off his two-week stint in the Down Under + a new endorsement deal = great day for Tiger.

*Update: According to Ferguson, Fuse Science will be Tiger’s bag sponsor, which will be displayed starting at Tiger’s tourney, the Chevron World Challenge, in December.