Oh No, Stevie, You Did It Again!
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Stevie holds court

Steve Williams can’t manage to censor himself when speaking in group settings, particularly about former boss Tiger Woods. Last night at the “caddie awards” dinner in Shanghai, Williams had been invited up to the stage after winning “best celebration” of the year — with reference to his infamous post-victory speech(es) at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational when he took the spotlight away from his current player and employer Adam Scott.

Asked to explain the purpose of the celebration, Williams replied, “‘It was my aim to shove it right up that black a**ehole,’ according to the Daily Mail‘s Derek Lawrenson.

/nervous laughter, gasps, awkward silence

Scribes report that Williams’ “racist remark” left the room filled with players, caddies and sponsors appalled.

One caddie said: ‘Never have you been in a room and seen so many jaws drop at the same time. We knew he was an idiot but we didn’t know he was a racist idiot. I was standing next to a European Tour official who said, “Thank God he is not on our tour”.’

It is believed Williams had no intention of attending the function until he was persuaded by Scott, who will surely have no choice but to sack him. Williams, who could also face a long ban, will claim it was a private function and journalists were told it was strictly off the record.

The UK press has been roasting Stevie and calling for Scott to fire him (Paul Mahoney has been tweeting up a storm). Which once again puts Adam in an uncomfortable position.

I don’t think Stevie’s comment was meant to be racist (at the same time, then why mention the color of his skin?), but it was definitely an unnecessary dig at Tiger. One thing’s for sure: It wasn’t smart.

The fallout between the former BFFs has escalated beyond the Mean Girls category. Oh, don’t forget that Scott and Tiger are playing in next week’s Australian Open, followed by the Presidents Cup, so Stevie and Tiger are bound to cross paths — probably more than once.

(Photo via the Guardian)