And Now Stevie Apologizes
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Oh, the good ol' days...

Probably not long after he woke up to dozens of text messages telling him to check out the not-so-flattering headlines plastered across the interwebs, Steve William posted an apology statement on his website Friday morning (a bit quicker than the last time — man, Adam Scott’s PR/crisis management team have had their hands full recently):

“I apologize for comments I made last night at the Annual Caddy Awards dinner in Shanghai. Players and caddies look forward to this evening all year and the spirit is always joking and fun. I now realize how my comments could be construed as racist. However I assure you that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to Tiger and anyone else I have offended.”

Yeah, exactly what we knew he was going to say. Well, maybe this will blow over, but it might constantly come up in the next two weeks at the Australian Open and then the Presidents Cup. (Lots of scheduled press conferences and media opportunities! — ugh, which means Adam has to answer uncomfortable questions…again.)

Your move, Tiger? And Adam — will he fire Stevie or work through it and defend Stevie? Well, they looked to be in bright spirits on the first tee for the third round of the HSBC Champions Friday morning, with Adam a shot behind the leader (*update: now he’s tied with Fredrik Jacobson at -12 through 2 holes).