Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You: WUP’s Cabot Links Trip! (VIDEO)
By Stephanie Wei under Architecture

Arms wide open on No. 14 at Cabot Links

I know you’re dying of anticipation to hear about our glamorous boondoggle to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, but you’ll have to wait just one more day (or two — there are several parts because of all the great content I collected)! I’m sorry for all the teasing, but sometimes things get in the way.

I’ve been happy to hear the enthusiastic response from WUP’s Facebook and Twitter followers, especially people who have already looked into planning a trip to Cabot Links — “The Bandon of the East” (Mike Keiser, the guy behind Bandon Dunes, is one of the guys behind this project…) — when it officially opens next year (including one of my heroes!).

The photo above was taken on the tee of the par-3 14th at Cabot on Monday morning (which reminds me of a bit of the 7th at Pebble — short, downhill par-3, overlooking the ocean and hitting into the prevailing wind) by superintendent Michael Rossi, who has not only done a fantastic job with the upkeep of the golf course, but turns out is a pretty good photographer, as well. In my opinion, the 14th is one of the signature holes at the course, with a spectacular view.

Here now, a video of my drive on the par-4 9th, dubbed the “Cape Hole,” another signature hole, with the harbor in the background behind the green. A GREAT hole — one of my favorites, along with the 14th, among others. I hit a nice drive that left me with a short pitch to the green and a kick-in for birdie. I was playing with Cabot’s Director of Golf Joe Robinson, who informed me later that I had the distinction of being the first person to make a 3 on the Cape Hole and he believes I might be the first ever. Woot! Obviously, the course has only been open for a few months (and only 10 to the public), but it’s kinda a cool claim to fame!

Stay tuned for much, much more! In the meantime, if you need entertainment, I recommend reading through Kip Henley’s Twitter timeline for his 2011 Kipbonic Awards.

And no, I don’t have any regrets for leaving the Disney early and missing the exciting finish.