Norman Fires More Digs at Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under Presidents Cup

Norman and Tiger in better times

Greg Norman has been plenty vocal (and public) on his opinions of Tiger Woods. Last month Norman declared Tiger wouldn’t win another major. This weekend the International team captain of the Presidents Cup said Tiger shouldn’t have been one of Fred Couples’ wildcard picks and PGA champ Keegan Bradley should have been tapped instead, according to the Fort-Myers News Press:

“I can understand the name of a Tiger Woods and his history of what he’s done on the golf course,” Norman said. “But I pick the guys who I think are ready to get in there and play and have performed to the highest levels leading up to it.”

“If I was in his shoes, I would feel like I got gut-checked a little bit,” Norman said. “He’s a young guy. He likes the Presidents Cup. He loves the idea of playing for his country, and he’s not. So I feel for him.”

Couples, who ran away with a seven-shot victory at the Champions Tour’s AT&T Championship, shot back at Norman:

“I have no problem with Greg. He can say whatever he wants, but I’m not really into that. I play golf with my clubs,” Couples said after his seven-shot win. “Robert Allenby is his pick, and Aaron Baddeley, and they’re Australians and I think they’re great picks. But I think I can sit here and say Robert Allenby hasn’t won a tournament in 10 years.”

Allenby’s last PGA Tour victory was 10 years ago at the Pennsylvania Classic, but he’s won seven times worldwide since then, including the Australian Triple Crown — the Masters, PGA and Open — in 2005.

Norman explained the various reasons he wouldn’t have picked Woods, including his golf swing.

“I just don’t think he’s swinging the golf club the way he used to when he won all those major championships,” Norman said. “He’s a different player out there nowadays. He even looks tied up. He looks more confined. I know what it takes to have freedom in a golf swing and I just don’t think he’s technically in the right position to do what he used to do.”

Well, Norman’s comments should certainly add another element of intrigue to next month’s Presidents Cup matches at Royal Melbourne!