Simpson’s Mojo Is Right On the Money
By Stephanie Wei under Fall Series

Simpson's aim is right on the money title

On Tuesday I wrote a quick post about Webb Simpson entering The McGladrey Classic because he wants to dethrone Luke Donald from atop the PGA Tour Money List. Webb hopes to earn $68,972 (and take away the opportunity for Donald to become the first player to win the money title on both the PGA Tour and European Tour), so he can become the richest millionaire golfer of the year!

Well, Simpson also thinks it might help him in the race for Player of the Year and his wife convinced him it’d be prestigious to be on a list of 50 guys. Oh, he wouldn’t mind that five-year exemption, either.

Here’s the transcript from Webb’s presser on Wednesday with the questions re: why he’s so greedy (kidding! — he can’t be greedy because it’d be un-Christian-like he wants to earn the money title:

Q. So you go from all the attention on $10 million to all the attention on $87,000 or whatever the number is? Does that seem kind of weird to you?
WEBB SIMPSON: It does. You know, I wasn’t sure if I was going to play, but Luke played well all year, and since I started making a run for the money title, it became pretty important to me to win. You know, it’s similar to TOUR Championship; it’s hard not to focus on it. But we’re just trying to go out and play as well as we can, and if we win the golf tournament, it makes it all the better.

Q. If you’re successful it’ll be two years in a row where the FedExCup champion and the Money List leader were different. In any way do you think that confuses people about the importance of either one nowadays?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I don’t think so. I think there’s more emphasis on the FedExCup champion, I think as there should be. I think you get a five-year exemption for FedExCup winner as well as a Money List title. But I think they’re in their place. If you win the FedEx you’re considered the best player if not one of the best two or three players all year. They’re probably equally as hard to win. You’ve got to have a little more timing in when you peak for the FedExCup.
But I was talking to my wife about it, if you win the Money List, you’re probably added to a list of maybe 50 guys. I’m not sure. I’m sure Tiger has won it close to ten times, and you’ve got Vijay has probably won it multiple times. So it would be a pretty prestigious list to be a part of.

Q. The name of the trophy is the Arnold Palmer trophy, so what’s that — first of all, what’s your experiences of dealing with Arnold and what would that mean to you to have that trophy?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. I played in Bay Hill twice as an amateur from winning the Southern Am, so got to know him, great guy. But I wish I knew him better. But I think he’s playing the Wake Forest pro-am this Monday, which I’m playing. But it would be great. You get anything with his name on it, it’s got to be pretty special.

Q. Why is the Money List important to you to win, just because of the names on it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, I think to have your job secure for five years is pretty important. You know, I’ve got a three-year exemption right now, but any time you can get five — this game is crazy, you’ve seen guys play great their whole career but maybe other guys are up and down. So you never know. The other thing is it’s pretty cool to say that you — not made more money than everybody else, but in that category you were the best player all year.
I think I may be a little bit — I still need to do a little something more to get Player of the Year, so I think if I could somehow squeak it out and win the Money List, that would just help.

I know that it’s impossible not to talk about money on the PGA Tour, but vying for the Money Title makes me cringe a little. It almost feels dirty because, well, never mind.

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