Tiger Hot Dog Attack (VIDEO!) *Update
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

*Update, 12:15pm ET: Sorry, the video is no longer available. I knew it was only a matter of time for the Tour Censor Committee to have it taken down, but good news! — Deadspin still has the footage! And good luck getting them to get rid of it.

Thanks to reader Bryan for passing along the link to the video footage of the attention-seeking fan who stormed the 7th green and tossed a hot dog in the direction of Tiger Woods as he was about to putt.

As you’ll see, Tiger was never in any serious danger, but how much harm could buns and a weenie cause, anyway? Okay, don’t answer that, but let’s turn to the more serious issue at hand: what a waste of good meat! — those dogs cost, like, $7, but they’re well worth it. Oh, hot dogs and Frys! [The Telegraph]