The Peculiar Case of Woods and the Wiener
By Stephanie Wei under Fall Series

Tiger in the Wiener's circle

An inebriated fan ran toward the 7th green at CordeValle and threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods in the final round of the Frys.com Open. (Did it come with fries?)

Don’t worry — Tiger wasn’t harmed and the perp was arrested.

“Some guy just came running on the green, and he had a hot dog, and I don’t know how he tried to throw it, but I was kind of focusing on my putt when he started yelling,” said Tiger after shooting his third consecutive 68. “Next thing I know he laid on the ground, and looked like he wanted to be arrested really because he laid on the ground, put his hands behind his back and turned his head.”

Tiger seemed to take the prank pretty well. He smiled and resumed to the task at hand — setting up for his putt.

“I wanted to bury that putt,” said Woods.

Unfortunately, he missed it. Tiger’s playing partners said the bun didn’t come close to where Woods was standing, but the hot dog landed on the green, according to the AP.

I’m kinda impressed the fan was able to get through the dozens of security guards and marshals (ha!) to pull off the prank.

CBSSports.com’s Steve Elling tweeted a series of updates on the most-talked-about-wiener-toss-in-golf-history:

Male fan ran onto 7th green and threw hot dog at tiger today. Arrested and dragged off. “That guy could have gotten shot,” Arjun Atwal said.

Elaborate? A guy yelled his name, ran onto green, threw hot dog at Tiger. Cops wrangled and arrested him. Had been drinking. No harm done.

Security guy cracked: “It wasn’t a chili dog. So it could have been worse.”

Golf Channel trying to decide whether to air the footage, because the idiot’s intent was clearly to get on TV.

Now, about that last tweet — c’mon Golf Channel, show the footage even if he wanted a cameo on TV! The guy already got arrested, anyway (it’ll probably be a slap on the wrist, it’s still a pain). I know the powers-that-be don’t want to encourage such terrible behavior that could seriously injure a player, but I’d rather see a hot dog tossed at Tiger than — no disrespect to any of the other players — the thrilling duel between Bryce Molder, Briny Baird and Shane Bertsch.

And we wonder why golf is considered boring! Yes, I know other leagues, like the MLB and NFL, have banned that type of footage, but this is Fall Series golf!

It doesn’t look like Golf Channel is going to air the clip (ugh), but I hope some fans caught the incident on their phones (and send me the YouTube link and photos, please!). Thoughts?

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)