Steiney Talks Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under Fall Series

Mark Steinberg: One of the last men standing in Tiger’s camp from pre-hydrant era

Kudos to Thomas Bonk for landing the ever-rare exclusive interview with Tiger Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, a few days before yet another Woods “comeback” at the Frys.com Open.

He chats rather candidly about the fallout with Tiger’s former caddie, Steve Williams, what’s left for Tiger at the ripe age of 36, an imminent bag and sponsor deal, and the possibility of Tiger going back to his old swing coaches, which elicits a classic response:

Question: More than a few people are suggesting that Tiger simply drop his new swing and go back to his old one, but is that realistic?

Steinberg: “I don’t think it’s realistic at all.  He’s kind of disclosed all year just how injured he’s been for the past several years and the old swing contributed to some of the health issues.  I’ve heard it.  Go back to your old swing.  Go back to your old coach.  Go back to Butch or Hank . . . well, nobody has said go back to Hank.  He just needs to find the proper swing and repeat it.”

Oh, snaps!

And here are Steiney’s thoughts on Tiger’s career going forward:

Q:  Tiger turns 36 in December.  What’s left in his tank?

Steinberg:  “There’s a lot left.  You’ve got to keep in mind, he basically didn’t play golf for the last two years.  People can say what they want, that he hasn’t played, that he hasn’t won, whatever, but he hasn’t been healthy enough to play.  I kind of view him as a young 36.  Look, there’s this view in golf that everybody says the game is getting younger, and it is.  But we’ve learned that there are plenty of opportunities for players as they get a little older.”

Interesting that Steiney thinks Tiger is a “young 36” considering all the injuries he’s endured

(Hat tip: Geoff Shackelford)