Fans Can Vote for Tiger’s Video Game Cover Partner, Bracket Style
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

This is actually a pretty cool contest promotion by EA Sports, which is letting fans vote for which player will join Tiger on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. It’s a match play bracket contest — one for North America and another for Europe…wait, what about Asia?? — that is administered through Facebook, so if for some reason you’re not a user (and I have a few friends who aren’t — c’mon, even my mom joined like two years ago), then you’re out of luck. Go HERE to vote.

Here’s the deal:

*For 3 weeks players faceoff against each other in “match play” format.

*Vote for your favorite player in each pairing.

*Winning players will advance the following week.

*The winner of each bracket will join Tiger on the cover in their respective territories.

In other words, the winner of the 8-player American bracket will be featured on the cover with Tiger for games sold in the U.S. and the European winner will appear on ones sold in Europe.

Players are getting pretty into the contest and have already been launching intense campaigns for their Twitter followers to vote for them. I bet you can’t guess which have been the most persistent! Some examples:

Those are just two tweets out of around six more. Shocking, I know. But that’s nothing — Ian Poulter’s last NINE tweets involve encouraging his million-plus followers to vote.

He’s even bribing his followers!

Hey, all’s fair in vanity love and war, right?

I think Luke Donald should have been included in both brackets since he’s leading the money list on both tours! Anyway, I have a feeling Poulter has advantage with his gazillion Twitter followers.

Kudos to EA Sports on their innovation. But what happens if somehow a player who isn’t likely to sell that many games (I won’t name any names) wins by a fluke? I’m thinking about starting a campaign for Ben Crane.

Again, here’s the link to vote.