Nice Effing Pants: Lee Westwood, Orange Velour Sweatsuit Edition
By Stephanie Wei under Nice Effing Pants

Nice Effing Pants celebrates the wackiest, ugliest and coolest pants (or skorts) in golf — from the pros to the weekend hacker.

Westy celebrated the start of October by dressing like a pumpkin?

If you watched any of Sunday’s coverage of the Dunhill Links Championship, then you probably had to pick your jaw up off the ground when you saw Lee Westwood’s costume outfit.

It’s still unclear why the world No. 2 was wearing what appeared to be an orange sweatsuit. Perhaps he liked this Paris Hilton look. Or maybe he was doing his best impression of Rickie Fowler’s former Sunday head-to-toe all-orange getup (at least Westy chose a softer hue).

Quick! — someone get Golf’s Mr. Style, Marty Hackel, on the phone for a consultation with Westwood.

After shooting a one-over 73 to tie for 30th, Westwood tweeted [sic]: “Won’t be wearing orange pyjamas again!”

You know, it was so absurd that I thought it was hilariously awesome…but he’s right — toss those threads. Well, at least the pants.

Seriously, though, what happened, Lee? Were those the only clean clothes you had left?!

(Getty Images/Andrew Redington)