Dustin Says He’s OK With Tiger-LaCava Pairing
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

A short-lived relationship

Dustin Johnson isn’t used to getting dumped, but that’s what happened last Sunday when he finished the final round of the Tour Championship — his caddie Joe LaCava broke up with Johnson for Tiger Woods. Supposedly, DJ was a bit stunned, but as we’ve seen, he shakes things off quite quickly.

By the time he reached Scotland for the Dunhill Links Championship, he said he held no hard feelings against Tiger or Joe and even had a nice chat with Tiger:

“I spoke to Tiger about it. There’s no hard feelings at all,” Johnson said Thursday after shooting a 1-under 71 in the first round of the Dunhill Links Championship. “We had a great conversation. He just did what he did.”

“I liked Joe. I still do. But you’ve got to make decisions and you can’t get mad at him for the decisions he made,” said Johnson, who was in the locker room after the final round of the Tour Championship when he found out LaCava had been hired by Woods.

“He got offered a job so he took it. You can’t blame the guy. If he wants to go and caddie for him, it’s fine by me.”

By all accounts (the one on TigerWoods.com), Joe first approached Tiger about the job. Sounds like the break-up/new relationship was completed as tastefully as possible.

Good news is Dustin shouldn’t have a problem finding another competent caddie (but probably not one as good as LaCava).

Take this for what it’s worth, but there’s chatter that Joe was guaranteed $1 million a year to work for Tiger — and supposedly (which should come as no surprise) there’s a clause in his contract that he can’t talk…to the press, etc. Sound familiar? It’s just too bad because it was fun to chat with Joe while he was looping for Dustin (not about anything in particular, but you know, shoot the sh*t, whatever).

Like I said when the news first broke, I actually have much more confidence in Tiger now with Joe on his bag. It’s the best decision the 14-time major champ has publicly made in years!

Oh, and for those unfamiliar with Joe, who was Fred Couples’ caddie, best friend, driver, coach, and babysitter for over two decades, check out this great article written last year by SI’s Michael Bamberger.

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)