What Would You Do With the $10M If You Won?
By Stephanie Wei under FedEx Cup

You're going to need a bigger wheelbarrow!

If you asked me, I could list at least five or more things. Oh, you are asking? Okay, well, after I paid off my debt, I’d buy a house for my parents, a house in NYC and the Hamptons (maybe one in St. Barths, too), give a donation to a charity my mom is involved with, and throw a huge party — need me to go on? Because I can. I’ll spare you.

But I asked some of the guys in this week’s field what they would do with the $10 million and a few had trouble coming up with something. Let’s take a look…

Keegan Bradley: “I would buy a really, really nice fishing rod with nice tackle.”

Brandt Snedeker: “It’d be a great problem to have. I’d love to wake up Monday morning and figure that out. Just being home and having that kind of security would be great. Maybe a new car? I don’t know — there’d be a big party Sunday night and Monday somewhere in Nashville.”

Bill Haas: “Some stock.”

Chez Reavie: “I’d pay off my house.”

Hunter Mahan: “I don’t know…In these tough economic times, I’d probably just put it in the bank.”

*From the press conferences this week:

Dustin Johnson: “A big party for my friends.”

Matt Kuchar: “…Take that $10 million right to the Royal Bank of Canada.”

/shameless plug

Geoff Ogilvy: “It’s less, I think, about what’s going to end up in your bank account and more about the principle of holing a putt or doing ‑‑ like getting up‑and‑down like Jimmy did last year.  It sounds better when you say that, doesn’t it?  The money is obviously really nice, but it’s like beating your friend for $2 on the putting green.  I mean, it’s better to beat him for $2 than it is just to beat him for the fun of it, you know what I mean?  There would be something about coming down the last nine holes, this is for $10 million and doing it.  Irrelevant of what ends up in your bank account, it just sounds better, don’t you think?”

Luke “ATM” Donald: “My coach, I’m sure, will get a percentage of something there. But I’m not really thinking about the money. I’m really more concentrating on winning the tournament, picking up another trophy, winning the FedExCup, hopefully winning Player of the Year that comes with it, all the spoils that come with it. But the bonus money is nice.

“Where I am in my career, I have been very fortunate, and I don’t know where I am on the Money List, career Money List, $25 million or something, it’s not like I can’t afford to buy things. I have two nice houses. I don’t spend a lot of stuff on materialistic stuff, but the money, it would be nice to kind of keep it away. I haven’t really thought if I won it what I would spend the money on, but the money is really the last thing I’m thinking about. It’s not really the important factor for me.”


I like Luke’s candor — because it’s true, most of these guys already can buy whatever they want, so at the end of the day, there’s not much else! I thought Chez’s answer was the most relatable for the majority of people. Then again, Chez has made more money this season ($2.1 million) than in his PGA Tour career (just under $2 million).

So, what would you guys do if you were $10 million richer on Sunday?