American Squad Receives Letter From President Bush on 9/11
By Stephanie Wei under Amateur Golf

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First of all, my thoughts are with the individuals and families who lost loved ones in 9/11 ten years ago. I wasn’t living in NYC then — it was one of my first few weeks as a freshman at Yale, just up the road — but as a resident for the last six years, I’m proud of the city I now call home.

Anyway, the US Walker Cup team received a letter from President George W. Bush on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Bush’s great-grandfather, George Herbert Walker, played a major role in establishing the amateur competition and donated the cup that bears his name. Via the AP:

U.S. captain Jim Holtgrieve read the letter to the team during its morning meeting.

“As you compete I hope you will reflect on the freedoms you enjoy as Americans,” Bush wrote in the letter. “Remember those who have defended your liberties and way of life. I know you will represent the United States with pride and honor.”

Holtgrieve said the letter served as inspiration for the team.

“It obviously meant a great deal to the guys in the team room this morning, especially on this day of all days,” he said.

Despite the loss, Spieth said the experience will help him.

“Any time you can represent your country, for me, it’s the biggest honor I’ve ever had,” Spieth said. “Being on this team is the biggest honor I’ve ever had playing golf. … The crowds, the emotions are higher. The format is different. Peter and I both hope that we can play on a Ryder Cup some day or multiple. I think it’s a great step towards it.”

Well said. And at the end of the day, it’s just golf.