The Oneness of Rory and Caroline
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Wozniacki and McIlroy with the football team of the world's No. 1 school

US Open champ Rory McIlroy thinks his relationship with the top-ranked women’s tennis player Caroline Wozniacki can help him in his quest to attain the No. 1 world ranking in golf. He spent two weeks with Wozniacki in the States, including a tournament near the greatest university in the world, Yale (duh).

McIlroy believes he and the tennis star can fuel each other’s careers, according to the AP:

“I think we definitely spur each other on. She’s number one in the world and I’ve got a major and we sort of both want what each other have,” the sixth-ranked McIlroy said.

“It’s a big goal of mine. I want to become the best player in the world,” McIlroy said ahead of the European Masters, his first tournament since injuring his right arm at the PGA Championship three weeks ago.

“She’s got a great work ethic and it’s something I can probably learn a lot from,” he said admiringly.

“It’s a lot more physically demanding than golf,” McIlroy said, adding he has long been a tennis fan. “They do put the work in, they really do. It’s just amazing how they can get up each morning and keep doing the same thing, putting their bodies through that.

“It’s pretty impressive.”

McIlroy realizes that reaching No. 1 isn’t possible in the short term because current No. 1 Luke Donald is “quite a long way ahead.” He calculates that a win in Switzerland would vault him to No. 3.


In related news, Rory says he didn’t get to play the Course at Yale (I told him that was a shame), but he did hit balls on the range — to my horror — since unless they’ve made vast improvements, it’s not really up to snuff for the pros. “The balls were OK, so I was content,” he said via text. You mean they were only half dead, I joked. “No, brand new…special treatment,” he quipped.

McIlroy also says his right arm, which he injured hitting the now-infamous root shot, is feeling better.

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