Smashing It at Gatsby’s Links (VIDEO)
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

I drove out to Southampton on Tuesday to play National Golf Links of America, which has a Gatsby-esque feel to it – vintage, charming, posh (but understated) and all that jazz. Thanks to loyal reader and host Scott, it was the third time that I’ve played NGLA, my favorite course, yet only my fifth round of the year (sad, I know).

With almost all brand spankin’ new clubs in my bag (TaylorMade R11 driver and Burner 2.0 irons), I teed it up on what couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon. Since I’m out of shape, I’m spent and having a tough time keeping my eyes open, so you’ll have to wait for more pictures and anecdotes tomorrow.

The video above shows my drive on the 18th hole. If you follow my tweets and blog closely, you’ll know that the driver is basically the only club in my bag I can hit these days.

I’d been playing with the TaylorMade Burner Fast, which is an awesome club, as well, but I think when I really caught one, like I did on 18, the R11 goes further (and I found it was really, really forgiving). I wasn’t sure if I could carry the bunkers that you’ll see in the video — it was roughly a 220 carry uphill — but to my surprise, I launched the ball over them by around 20 yards. I think this driver is a keeper!

More details and pictures to come after I get some beauty sleep! Oh, and a big thanks to my hosts Scott and Margaret!