Tracking the Trio of Unknowns, Stricker, Scott, Sergio, Phil and the Rest on Sunday at the PGA
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Dufner: You wouldn't recognize me, anyway

Welcome to final round of the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, where some big names are making a move! Told ya, this was going to get exciting! Same as the other days, I’m live-blogging at the Please come by and say hi!

There’s been a lot of griping over the leaderboard filled with “unknowns,” particularly the three names on the top, but you know, they’re actually kind of interesting guys if you tried to learn about them (I’ve written quite a bit about Keegan starting at the first tourney of the season, so go here for everything you need to know).

And as I mentioned yesterday, we shouldn’t be so surprised since parity has been an ongoing theme of the year.

Once again, the 18 has given the players trouble and many haven’t been afraid to speak out. I was a little surprised with Ryan Palmer’s tweet yesterday in response to Joe Ogilvie’s question:

Oh, these pictures taken by Kyle Auclair of illustrate the theme of the week…”faceless pros and

And the big names are semi-hiding…

(Photos by Kyle Auclair/