Spotted at the PGA: Steiney and Stevie Talk Man to Man!
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship

Damage control?

Oh boy! That’s Steve Williams with his back facing us and Tiger Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg having what surely must have been a heart-to-heart about…the weather.

WSB Atlanta’s Zach Klein snapped the moment on Tuesday from the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Basically, Steiney is once again doing Tiger’s dirty work. Though I don’t think it’d be a good idea for Stevie and Tiger to have a face-to-face after Stevie’s dig at Tiger during his 18th green post-win interview.

There was also the “he said-she said” mix-up. Earlier last week, Tiger told us in his presser that he did fired Stevie “man to man” in the board room at the AT&T National.

During the reporter gang-up in the scoring area, Stevie was asked how Tiger fired him.

“I was told on the phone that we needed to take a break,” said Williams. “And in caddie lingo, that means you’re fired. Simple as that.”

But wait, that’s not what Tiger told us!

“That is incorrect,” said Stevie. “I was told on the phone that we needed to take a break. At the AT&T, the details of the firing were discussed.”


Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, disputed Williams’ version of the story, saying first in an email and then later by phone that the firing did not take place until July 3.

“Tiger flew from Florida to Philly to visit AT&T National and also for the express purpose of PERSONALLY and officially telling Steve that they would no longer be working together,” Steinberg said in the email. “Tiger felt strongly about meeting face to face. Any assertions to the contrary are simply false.”

Asked specifically if Woods dismissed Williams when the caddie asked to work for Scott, Steinberg said no.

“Steve might have thought things were not going to work out, but it did not happen until that Sunday,” Steinberg told by phone.

Okay, so I think I figured out what happened.

At first, I was like, “TIGER LIED!” (Which if you’ve watched SportsCenter or Golf Channel this week, you may have seen the expression on my face when Stevie said the above.) But then I went back to the transcript of his press conference where he said he “fired” Stevie “face to face” and “man to man.”

Steve interpreted “taking a break” as “you’re fired.” I mean, I don’t blame him. Look, “take a break” in caddie lingo means “you’re fired,” right? Just like “take a break” in romantic relationships is usually a way to ease into a permanent split.

Chalk it up to semantics.

Meanwhile, seriously, I wonder what Steiney had to say to Stevie and vice versa…your guess is as good as mine! Feel free to, you know, speculate.