This Is Why Alex Noren Is Awesome
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

Alex Noren: weird, also wonderful.

For nearly a year I’ve been telling Steph to go talk to Alex Noren, but noooo, all I keep hearing back is “Nobody knows anything about Alex Noren.”

But you should. Everyone should know about Alex Noren.

He’s turning into one of European golf’s most convincing performers and, as his latest blog post makes clear, he’s got a knack for segueing from uber-technical golf speak into surreal comedy.

This is his account of what happened when he decided to spend Thursday in Akron living life the American Way.

After shooting a pretty tidy 69 around Firestone, the Swede’s adventure begins:

“After mega enjoying our day at Firestone CC we decided to spend the evening mega American. So, we took the car to the cinema…”

“…which is 100 yards away from the hotel that you can see past Friday’s.”

“Then, we took the car over to Friday’s. 11 seconds later we finally reached it.”

“In there we had dinner with [Thomas] Bjorn who likes refills.”

Finally, with the day’s hard journeying running to a close, Noren and his faithful companion decide to return to their hotel:

“When we were done there finally, we headed back to the hotel. 11 meters later we parked in the hotel parking lot. When in Rome…”

Godspeed, sir.

Conor Nagle

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