Woods Not Hitting Balls, Just Waves
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

All hands on deck!

It doesn’t sound like injury-plagued Tiger Woods is gearing up for a return to competitive golf in the next few weeks. Swing coach Sean Foley says he and Tiger have not been working together, according to CBSSports.com’s Steve Elling.

“We have not hit any balls,” Foley wrote Tuesday night. “And I have no idea what his plans are as far as when he plays again. It’s up to the doctors.”

There’s been speculation that Tiger will announce he’s playing in next week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone. If Tiger isn’t hitting balls with his coach, then he’s either (a) parted ways with Foley, or (b) still hurt. I find (a) an unlikely possibility, but (b) to be very plausible.

Just out of my own conjecture, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sit out the rest of the year. Obviously, we don’t know Tiger’s status, and during his last public appearance, he dodged giving a timeline of any sort. Shocking, I know!

If he’s not playing Bridgestone, then it’s even less likely he’ll play in the PGA Championship. After the PGA, Greensboro is the last regular PGA Tour stop before the FedEx Cup playoffs, where the top-125 in points advance to the first leg. Currently, Tiger’s outside the bubble. So unless he dabbles in the Fall Series, which is doubtful, he’s done for the year on the PGA Tour.

Well, there is the Presidents Cup if Captain Fred Couples picked Tiger as one of his two wildcards — assuming Tiger’s even interested in playing in the team exhibition competition. That leaves the HSBC Champions in China, held in November, and his own exhibition event, the Chevron World Challenge in December.

Meanwhile, Tiger’s been spending some time with his kids on his “ultra-private yacht named Solitude,” according to TMZ. (Apparently it’s not that private.) The blurry photo above, along with others published on the site, was snapped last Wednesday.

Sources told TMZ that Tiger and his kids, accompanied by a blonde nanny — not a love interest — spent the day fishing and diving off the boat in the waters near Jupiter Island, Florida.

If you take a closer peek at the pictures, you’ll notice what appears to be an ACE wrap or brace of some sort around Tiger’s left ankle. It’s a fuzzy shot, but it’s only on his left leg (the injured one).

While it’s not uncommon to practice with a brace for support, it doesn’t look like he’s fully healed, and if he’s keeping to his word, he’s not coming back until he’s “100% ready.”

On a more important note, what does it say about Tiger that the names of his two yachts are “Privacy” and “Solitude”? It’s strange, but very Tiger-esque.

(Photo via TMZ.com)