Half Man, Half Amazing x 2
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Full amazing

The other half of “half man, half amazing” showed up at Shaughnessy during the second round of the Canadian Open.

I must hand it to Chuck Hazzard,* who wins best costume of the year (at least that I’ve seen, but I might be a little biased). Chuck traveled all the way from Las Vegas to cheer on Andres Gonzales.

Andres calls himself “Half man, half amazing” in his Twitter profile. It’s kind of a joke, kind of not. No, he’s not arrogant or a punk. Dres is a lovable goof with a sense of humor. Just check out his Twitter timeline. He’s become known for his hilarious tweets to Tiger Woods, but he’d obviously rather be known better for his golf.

“He’s kind of a larger-than life-character,” said Chuck. “Dres is awesome.”

While Chuck was strolling through the mall recently, he came across a guy who was airbrushing T-shirts. Chuck explained his idea and the result was the work of art you see in the above photo. And then his wife Tina sewed a wig into the Adams Golf hat to complete the costume.

Andres’ reaction when Chuck showed up?

“Dres was laughing,” he said. “At first he didn’t recognize me.”

Rickie Fowler had about ten guys dressed in orange from head-to-toe following him, but Chuck half-jokingly boasted that his outfit was far superior.

“People were more impressed with me than the Rickie Fowler all-orange brigade.”

PGA Tour fans seem to have stepped it up with their fandom this season, dressing like their favorite PGA Tour players or making T-shirts a la Choi’s Bois at The Players a few months ago. Call all of ’em publicity stunts if you’d like, but I think they’re awesome.

“People were asking me all day where do I get a shirt like that,” said Hazzard via phone. “Maybe I need to make more of them and sell them.”

Put me down for one in the pre-order, size XS.

(*For purposes of full disclosure, Chuck is married to a good friend of mine from junior golf, which is also his connection to Andres.)