Betting Odds on Tiger’s Next Caddie
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger and Stevie in happier days

Since news broke of Tiger Woods and Steve Williams’ breakup on Wednesday, naturally, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has the favorites for Tiger’s new caddie when he returns to competition. Fanny Sunesson, who helped Nick Faldo win four majors and currently loops for Henrik Stenson, leads the way at 2/1 odds.

I’m sure several people have already pointed this out, but do we really think Tiger would want to deal with another Swedish woman? Plus, Fanny is a close friend of Stevie’s, so out of loyalty, it’s doubtful she’d take Tiger’s bag after he sacked Stevie.

Other favorites:

*Paul Tesori 5/2

*Byron Bell 5/1

*Tony Navarro 6/1

*Ricci Roberts 7/1

*John Wood 7/1

*Billy Foster 8/1

*Terry McNamara 9/1

*Brett Waldman 16/1

*Joe LaCava 20/1

*Colin Byrne 20/1

Some insiders are tipping Navarro, who caddied for Adam Scott for nearly seven years, and Foster, who loops for world’s No. 2 Lee Westwood. Foster filled in for Williams and caddied for Tiger at the ’05 Presidents Cup when Stevie stayed home for the birth of his son.

If Tiger called…

“Yeah, I think I can safely say if that happened, I would take that call,” Navarro told the Quad City Times. “I would be silly not to take that opportunity, yes.”

It’d also turn out to be a case of the good ol’ switcheroo — Stevie is now working full-time with Scott.

One longtime caddie, who thinks the frontrunners are also Navarro and Foster, mentioned Pete Bender as a dark horse contender. Bender, a well-respected veteran, worked with Greg Norman and Ian Baker-Finch during the British Open victories. Most recently, he carried Aaron Baddeley’s bag. In 2008 Bender fought throat cancer.

With Westwood playing so well (despite missing the cut at the British Open), if Foster got the call, would he leave Westy for Tiger?

Good question.

Inside the caddy shack, few wouldn’t consider the opportunity. Don’t expect a hurried decision (rather, public announcement). Besides, it might not even be a concern until next year depending on when Tiger returns to competitive golf — or hell, just the practice tee.

Whom do you have your money on?

(AP Photo/Adam Butler)