Michelle Wie Stands By Her Stanford Stance
By Stephanie Wei under LPGA

Last week at the US Women’s Open, golfing great Annika Sorenstam questioned Michelle Wie’s balancing act between attending Stanford as a student and playing on the LPGA. Sorenstam feels that school is a distraction to Wie, whom she believes hasn’t lived up to her potential.

On Wednesday evening Wie responded to the critique via Twitter:

I saw comments last week that attending Stanford will somehow interfere with my golf…cont
I believe in the importance of education for all young people.

I’m 21 and almost at the finish line for my college degree, a goal of mine my whole life.

After that(graduation will be in march 2012), I will have the chance to focus entirely on winning trophies for the rest of my life.

I respect other people’s personal goals…both in golf and in life. Just ask for the same in return. Thanks for your support everyone!

Well played, Michelle, well played.

And school is definitely a distraction, but I find what Michelle does very impressive. Having played in college, not even in the big leagues, I can say from personal experience that it’s pretty difficult to focus on golf and school, especially when you’re forced to take tests and write papers on the road. Michelle tweeted in between rounds at a tournament earlier this year that she had just finished taking a mid-term. Grinding through a tournament is hard enough without adding the stress of school and taking tests on the road. You almost have to choose one or the other. She’s done a pretty good job of balancing both.

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)