What’s Tiger Announcing This Morning?!?
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Man of mystery

Tiger Woods has a “special announcement” that he’s sharing with the world on Monday morning at 11am ET on Golf Channel, but no details have been disclosed as to what he’s addressing. Tiger has chosen Kelly Tilghman to interview him. The most popular guess has been that Tiger is sitting out the rest of the year. Apparently word in the media room at the John Deere was that it had something to do with his agent Mark Steinberg. Maybe it has to do with Tiger’s association with Dr. Anthony Galea. Maybe he needs surgery. Maybe he’s retiring. Naw, no way. Right??

The suspense is killing me (but I’ll find a way to get through the day — I’m in Sandwich, so five-hour time difference). What could be so important that Tiger had to reveal it the Monday of the Open? On the contrary, I think it’s much better timing to do it before the tournament begins than after it starts.

It better be something good! Or will it be much ado about nothing (as it often is)? Feel free to speculate!

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)