Reports of Tiger’s Erroneous “Special Announcement” Fueled by Modern Game of Chinese Whispers (*Update)
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger and Steiney: together at new agency Steiney has joined

Various sources reported that Tiger was making a “special announcement” on Golf Channel at 11am ET on Monday. Turns out it’s Mark Steinberg, not Tiger, who is scheduled to sit down with Kelly Tilghman.

So, how did the erroneous report spread?

Basically, what happened was a new-fangled version of the old-fashioned whispering campaign powered via Twitter. According to sources, the phrasing “special announcement” came from the higher-ups at Comcast.

Golf Channel has not responded to a request via e-mail for comment.

Steinberg will likely be revealing the news SBJ’s Liz Mullen just broke via Twitter: “Breaking–Mark Steinberg, agent to Tiger Woods, has joined Excel Sports Management, agency founded by NBA agent Jeff Schwartz.”

From what various reporters in the Open Championship have pieced together, the Chinese Whisper game began when John Patrick of the Augusta Golf Show wrote on his Facebook that Tiger was giving a special announcement (the post has since been deleted). Mark Wicker of the Orange County Register made a similar update via Facebook.

Golf Channel also promoted it via its Twitter account. Naturally, the tweet has since been deleted. On Golf Central last night Scott Walker was given the task as the messenger to plug Tiger’s sitdown with Tilghman.

Tiger agent Mark Steinberg gave a statement to the AP on Monday morning, saying “There’s an erroneous report that he’s making an announcement, but he’s not.”

Ah, just as I suspected, much ado about nothing! Stay tuned for this developing non-news story!