Rory Talks Tiger With Piers
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Piers Morgan’s interview with US Open champion Rory McIlroy will air at 9pm ET on CNN. As a teaser, CNN posted a clip of Piers asking Rory about Tiger Woods, which can be viewed here.

“Obviously I respect everything Tiger has done and as a kid I was in awe of what he was doing,” said McIlroy. “But I’m supposed to be a competitor of his now, so I can’t be in awe of what he does.”

Rory hasn’t exactly minced words in the past in response to Tiger-related questions. There was that whole controversy over Rory’s comments shortly after Tiger shot 18-over at Firestone: “I’m sure we’ll probably see him [Tiger Woods] in Wales…I would love to face him. Unless his game rapidly improves…I think anyone in the European team would fancy their chances against him.” Which turned into a pre-Ryder Cup storyline. And Monty hid Rory in the lineup so he wouldn’t have to face Tiger, etc.

Rory also didn’t have to play against Tiger during his peak when he was crushing the field by ten shots every time he teed it up. Earlier this year at Doral, Ernie Els talked about the 20-somethings having the benefit of not dealing with the psychological beating that players of his generation (or just a few years older, like Adam Scott, Sergio, etc.) took.

Exhibit A: Rory McIlroy.