Tiger Seals Heat Rub Endorsement Deal
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Vantelin Kowa makes me feel so good!

Tiger Woods signed an endorsement contract to pitch “Vantelin Kowa,” a muscle-relief heat rub made by Japan- based Kowa Co., according to the AP. It’s the first new sponsor for Tiger in the post-hydrant era.

Oh, so many jokes, but let’s try to be mature here. /giggling

Tiger will appear in a commercial promoting the product that airs next month:

“When looking for a person for a new TV commercial for the Vantelin Kowa series, Kowa determined that Tiger Woods, with his No. 1 accomplishment as a golfer and his overwhelming presence, matches the promotional direction of the Vantelin Kowa series,” the company said in a press release. “And we asked Mr. Woods for his cooperation in our new TV commercial.”

Mark Steinberg, his agent, said it was a three-year deal that involves television, print and Internet ads in Japan. He did not disclose how much the company is paying Woods.


“I’m not looking at this as his first deal, or a second deal,” Steinberg said Wednesday. “I look at this as showing he’s a global attraction. I expect to have some other announcements by the balance of the year.”

Steinberg said an endorsement for Woods’ golf bag – he has been without one since he returned to golf at the 2010 Masters – was not necessarily the highest priority. He said he was in discussion with various companies, but any deal probably would wait until after Woods gets back to competition.

Well, any company would be stupid to sign a seven-figure deal with an injured player who hasn’t won in almost two years, but I’m definitely not a business expert.

Since Tiger’s fall from grace, he’s lost several sponsors, including AT&T (which still backs this week’s tournament that benefits Tiger’s foundation), Accenture and Gatorade, and Gillette chose not to renew his contract.

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