The Three Faces of WUP
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

I like to smile a lot

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, texted and emailed me screen shots of what was obviously the best five seconds of Sunday’s US Open telecast — my cameo when I happened to be standing next to ’10 US Open champion Graeme McDowell who was cheering on his good buddy Rory McIlroy as he walked up to the 18th green.

I normally wouldn’t post such a narcissistic photo of myself (oh wait, I’m sure I have), but I got a good laugh when Reader John passed along three different faces I made in that short period of time.

Oh, just to get this out of the way for anyone who feels like hating, yes,”LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!”

John labeled the pic above as “Happy Stephanie.” Next, here’s “Sad Stephanie” (but I think “befuddled” is more accurate).


And finally, here’s “Reporter Stephanie.” If I happen to be standing next to G-Mac by 18, I’m going to ask for a quote, naturally!

"OK, now I need a quote."

It was a really cool to have a front-row seat to Rory spotting G-Mac and immediately smiling big and G-Mac raising his fist in victory. And then just when I didn’t think it could get any better, Rory and his dad Gerry embraced on 18 green. Not a bad Father’s Day present. Heck, I had to fight back tears.

Congrats, Rory. You’ve always conducted yourself as a champion and now you have your first of many major trophies to come. We’re all thrilled for you — couldn’t happen to a better or more genuine person.