Stenson Breaks Club, Embarrasses Self
By Conor Nagle under US Open

Just in case you missed it during the final round coverage, here’s the video of Henrik Stenson’s mid-round club mishap.

Visibly frustrated after hitting a wayward approach shot, the Swede thinks about taking a really spirited swipe with the offending iron before halting his swing mid-arc. The sudden loss of foward momentum breaks the shaft at the point where his right hand is making contact with the metal and– hey, presto!– medical emergency.

Luckily, Fanny was there play Florence Nightingale.

As distasteful as the sight of a successful professional golfer throwing a temper tantrum generally is, I’m more inclined to feel pity for Stenson than anything else. The sheer asymetry between the punishment (loss of blood, dignity) and the crime seems desperately unjust, if perfectly in keeping with the character of his recent struggles.

Hopefully, a little time will allow the former Player’s champion to see this week’s performance for what it was: an important step on the road to golfing rehabilitation.

Conor Nagle