Miguel Gets Duf’ed!
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

Miguel's Welt Live Before Round 1 at the US Open

What in the world is that picture above? That’s what happens when Jason Dufner’s drive pegs your knee on the fly during a practice round at Congressional. Charley Hoffman’s caddie Miguel Rivera was forecaddying and apparently he didn’t notice Dufner’s ball coming right at him and no one yelled, “Fore!” Perhaps you read Andres Gonzales’ first-hand account of the incident:

Tuesday I played with Jason Dufner and Charley Hoffman. Charley has been a pretty good friend of mine for a while because he’s a UNLV grad like me. I met him in 2002 and he took me under his wing as a PGA Tour player. Dufner was also playing with us and he hit Hoffman’s caddie Miguel Rivera on the fly with a driver out about 250 yards.

Miguel was forecaddying in the fairway where we were supposed to hit it, and Jason hit it in the fairway and hit Miguel. He’s got a big ol’ welt on his leg. We thought it hit the bag because Miguel didn’t react. I would have gone down. I would have been crying. I don’t think he had enough time to know what happened.

Before teeing off on Thursday afternoon, Miguel kindly took a picture of his pain and suffering and sent it along for our enjoyment! He says it’s not really bothering him, but I don’t know, it looks pretty painful to me. I guess not all of us that tough.

He’s probably just glad it was Dufner’s drive that hit him and not Dustin Johnson’s.