It’s Not Cheating if You’re on a Break: Scott and Stevie Face the Press
By Conor Nagle under US Open

This is the first time in 13 years Williams has found himself on another player's bag

Antipodean publications The National and Herald Sun are carrying articles about the temporary partnership struck between Adam Scott and Steve Williams at this week’s US Open.

As perplexing as it was to many to learn that Scott would be changing his caddie so soon after the most impressive major championship performance of his career, the Australian has been anxious this week to attribute that success to his commitment and good fortune, rather than the influence of erstwhile bagman Tony Navarro.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m spending my focus on majors this year.

“I always think that when I’m in position, I do fairly well. But I had never got to that position in a major before and could never put a finger on why… There are a lot of reasons why, the list is too long. But I think I’ve figured out a better way to prepare and I’m going to run with it for a while.”

As central as he sees his own attitude being to the prospect of mounting a sustained charge at the majors, having the right man on the bag can’t hurt, either. From Scott’s perspective, though, being the right man is less a question of personality than it is of a nearly mechanical attention to detail.

“He’s been a good friend to me, a bit of a confidant in my career…

“Look, I generally try to go play my game… But if [caddies] pay attention the whole day and if I do have a question, they know what to do. That’s what a good caddie is all about.

“There’s a reason why I’m here. It’s because I know how to play. If I don’t trust myself or my instincts, a good caddie knows when to step in and say the right thing.”

Asked, for likely the hundredth time, if he has any thoughts of extending their time together beyond the duration of Woods’ lay-off, Scott was unequivocal.

“No. He is Tiger’s guy and that’s how it is.”

Will Stevie leave his disintegrating relationship– one may or may not have trust issues— for the company of a more attractive younger man? Only time will tell!

Conor Nagle