Well, That Was Suspicious
By Conor Nagle under General

Rickie Fowler was in Washington DC yesterday to participate in a hole-in-one challenge on the Georgetown waterfront at the behest of his sponsors, a, like, totally radical energy drink manufacturer. Faced with a 100-yard shot from a specially erected podium onto an artifical green, Fowler apparently holed out on his first try.

I say ‘apparently’ because, well, circumstances are suspicious to say the least (… at a promotional event, you say?) and, interwebs, you have betrayed me so many times before. First those emails from an exiled Nigerian prince (where’s my €9m?), now this; I just don’t know who to trust.

*Update* A person claiming to have been there has just sent Stephanie the following tweet:

“@StephanieWei – I was there and am actually the girl in the HHG shirt at second 37. It was more like his 6th try, but still a hole in one”

Amazing shot or the most convoluted viral marketing plot of all-time? You decide.

Conor Nagle