Charles Has One Chance Left
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Oh, Chuck, you so crazy! And I love it. Charles Barkley is infamous for his hitch-and-pause swing. It’s pretty painful to watch him play golf, but it can’t be fun for him, either. He’s teeing it up in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe next month, and on Thursday he told reporters he’s seriously thinking about playing left-handed, according to the AP.

As Barkley put it: “It can’t be worse.”

The NBA Hall of Famer turned TV analyst said it isn’t like he’s enjoyed a whole lot of success playing right-handed.

Known for the hitch in his stop-and-go swing, Barkley routinely finishes last at the annual tourney at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. He’s a 500-1 longshot to win this year’s tourney July 15-17.

Barkley says he’s just as bad from the left side but seems to be more relaxed.

Do it, do it! Chuck and golf provides pure comedy. You know, the funny thing is, he used to be a decent golfer. I think he was around an eight-handicapper. Then he decided he wanted to get even better and started taking lessons, which obviously backfired. Just goes to show what a mental game it is!