Monday’s (US Open Qualifier) Leftovers
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

The main attraction at Brookside Golf & Country Club

The Waiting Game

For those who teed off early and scored well enough to have a chance, the waiting game was torture. Marc Turnesa played in the first group off on No. 10 at Brookside. He came in the clubhouse — rather patio — at eight-under, only to spend nearly three hours wondering if it was good enough to secure one of the 16 available spots.

He sat down with his good friend Steve Marino, who withdrew after 27 holes because he shot 76 in the first round (for the record, I have no problem with that. It is what it is. It’s go low or go home). This one stung a little for Marino since he grew up in the DC area, but he tried to see the silver lining, noting that he’d get to enjoy two weeks off.

Turnesa did everything he could to pass the time, but it was obvious he was a nervous wreck with everyone adding in their two cents. He got up and walked around a few times, but spent a good bit of time looking at the leaderboard.

“I was more nervous on the course because I was controlling my destiny,” said Turnesa. “When I was waiting I couldn’t do anything, so I was anxious…but it’s just a US Open qualifier, you have nothing to lose.”

Still waiting...

Scoreboard Watching

Scores started coming in spurts and the cutline kept changing. More and more people gathered around, waiting for the scorer to write the results on the leaderboard. Worst of all, you couldn’t see the numbers and names until he finished writing them all down. And being the impatient person I am, I kept trying to look through him and resist the urge to ask him to move just a foot to the left. But the anticipation of it made it more compelling. Some players handled it better than others.

And there's your final scoreboard...almost. What's missing??

And He’s Safe at Home!

Chez Reavie looked like a little kid in a candy store. He posted a 63 in the afternoon at the Lakes and arrived at Brookside beaming since he was one of the few who finished early that could safely assume he had a ticket to Congressional.

The entire scene reminded me a bit of the director posting the cast list in the Black Swan and the ballet dancers gathering around the board and trying to find their name. Most were disappointed, but they weren’t going to lose sleep over it. Some were angry and bitter. Others were excited. And a few were surprised…

Post playoff

It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Last Player Signs His Card

Oh, one thing you definitely should never do is celebrate before all the scores are posted. I don’t want to name any names, but a player and his caddie were congratulating each other because they thought seven-under would surely make the top 16. Turned out there were six players at seven-under, but only three spots.

Supposedly, this player is a little high-strung and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the car after realizing he was teetering on the cutline.

Rule No. 1: Always, always prepare yourself mentally for a playoff or assume there will be one. It’s not over ’til the last scorecard is signed and posted.

He wasn’t one of the three to advance. Ouch.


Stay tuned for more…getting excited for the US Open yet??