The Circus Leaves Town: Tiger Woods Withdraws From US Open
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

No Tiger at US Open: There go the ratings and ticket sales!

Tiger Woods announced via his Twitter  that he has pulled out of the US Open at Congressional next week due to injuries he suffered during the third round of the Masters in April. On Tuesday afternoon he tweeted, “Not playing in US Open. Very disappointed. Short-term frustration for long-term gain.”

My instant reaction? Not surprised. There was even more chatter yesterday amongst players and caddies at the US Open Sectional qualifier in Columbus that Tiger wouldn’t be at Congressional. I expressed my thoughts on Tiger and the US Open in the latest edition of PGA Tour Confidential:

Wei: I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see Tiger at the U.S. Open. Word inside the ropes is that his Achilles is worse than he’s letting on (surprise!), but of course, that’s speculation. Tiger and his doctors are the only ones who know exactly how bad it is. If he’s hurt, he should sit out the U.S. Open and get healthy. Heck, if he needs to, he should take the rest of the year off and let his injuries heal. Only way Tiger will beat Jack’s record is if he’s healthy.

When I looked into my crystal ball on Sunday, that’s what it told me.

Anyway, what can we glean from Tiger withdrawing from the second major of the year (and we know Tiger only cares about majors)? His injuries might be much worse than he’s led on. Which, of course, is not surprising. There’s been chatter inside the ropes that it’s “not good” and it’s the Achilles that might be in worse shape than his left knee.

I’m glad he’s taking time off to heal. Speaking from personal experience, don’t try to come back from an injury until you’re fully healed — it could potentially cost you a lifetime of pain (and regret). So, Tiger, take as much time as you need. Rest up. Get better. Because at the end of the day, we want to see you playing well and winning majors again.

Your reactions?