Ramsay (Doesn’t) Make it to Congressional! *Update!*
By Conor Nagle under US Open

Suicidal? Not anymore!

Richie Ramsay was left heartbroken last week after missing his play-off at the British leg of US Open qualifying. Afterwards, he described the experience as ‘horrific’, ‘awful’ and claimed to have been left ‘suicidal’ by the ordeal. It looks like someone up there (the USGA’s ivory tower) was listening, however, as Ramsay has just found out that he’ll be teeing it up at Congressional after all.

The AP has the story:

“USGA spokesman Pete Kowalski said Tuesday that two extra spots were given to qualifying sites in England and Japan. Ramsay was the first alternate in England, meaning he will be at Congressional on June 16-19 for the U.S. Open.”

If Ramsay’s good fortune comes courtesy of the pity with which his situation was viewed by certain members of the USGA, rather than more mundane logistical concerns (mind you, that outcome wouldn’t be a without a certain irony, given the  catastrophic lapse in logistical sense that led to Ramsay missing his play-off in the first place), then surely the real lottery winner here is Japan’s Masaya Tomida: he’s managed to ride into the US Open on the pathetic coattails of a Scotsman he’s never met.


Not so fast, says Doug Ferguson:

“USGA spokesman Pete Kowalski had said Tuesday morning that two extra spots were given to qualifying sites in England and Japan, and Ramsay would be going to Congressional for the U.S. Open next week.

Kowalski later clarified that those spots already had been awarded, and Ramsay remains first alternate out of the England sectional qualifier. The extra spot already had been awarded to Andreas Harto of Denmark.”

Conor Nagle