Stopwatches at the Ready! Who Are the Tour’s Biggest Slowcoaches?
By Conor Nagle under General

AT LAST! JB Holmes sends a drive on its way

Mike Walker of Golf.com has published the results of a tedious experiment he and four others conducted during the second round of this year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. Armed with stopwatches, clipboards (for Science!) and a healthy stockpile of patience, the team took nearly twelve hours to monitor every one of 45 different players as they played the same nine-hole stretch around Bay Hill.

Starting the clock only when a player had both arrived at his ball and found himself next to play, the team managed to accurately record 1,497 shots. The results, though roughly in keeping with what we already knew, or suspected we knew, are interesting, nonetheless:

“The Five Slowest Players

Nick O’Hearn [sic]
Average Time Per Shot: 55 seconds

J.B. Holmes
Average Time Per Shot: 52 seconds

John Senden
Average Time Per Shot: 51 seconds

Kevin Na
Average Time Per Shot: 50 seconds

Charlie Wi
Average Time Per Shot: 50 seconds

The Five Fastest Players

Rickie Fowler
Average Time Per Shot: 16 seconds

Jhonny Vegas
Average Time Per Shot: 21 seconds

Brian Davis
Average Time Per Shot: 22 seconds

Chris Kirk
Average Time Per Shot: 23 seconds

Cameron Beckman
Average Time Per Shot: 25 seconds


Average Time per Tee Shot for Field: 31 seconds

Average Time per Putt for the Field: 37 seconds

Most Time Over a Single Putt: Kevin Na (91 seconds, 9-foot, 11-inch putt for birdie on par-15 12th hole; he missed)”

Forget about Kevin Na and JB Holmes for a minute: the field averaged 38 seconds per putt?

Conor Nagle