Richie Ramsey’s Wedding Reception Heartbreak
By Conor Nagle under US Open

Happier Times: Ramsay with the South African Open trophy

Former US Amateur Champion and European Tour winner Richie Ramsay missed out on qualification for next month’s US Open at Congressional in the most painful of circumstances yesterday.

Playing in the one-day qualifying event at Walton Heath in England, the Scot managed to card a thirty-six hole total of four under par.

Having received a few vague assurances from tournament officials that he’d been made an alternate for forthcoming major, he decided to head to the airport to see if he could make it to Belfast for the the wedding reception of fellow tour player Gareth Maybin. Foolishly, perhaps, he reasoned that a playoff, should one prove necessary, couldn’t possibly take place on the same day, particularly given that play would finish later than scheduled after an early morning fog delay.

I take it everyone can see where this is going?

At day’s end, however, Ramsay found himself tied with Swede Johan Edfors and Dane Andreas Harko for the final playing exemption to the tournament. With Edfors and Harto anxious to decide the matter as soon as possible (particularly given Ramsay’s absence) and tournament organisers anxious to impose some finality on the day’s events, a playoff was scheduled for 9.30pm. The Scot, unable to  make it back in time, was still fifteen minutes from the venue when the pair teed off.

“I can’t believe they played when it was pitch dark… As I left at 5.30, guys were teeing off the first hole, but they made the decision and I can’t do anything about it.

“It’s not up to me to say it’s right or wrong, but it’s just been an horrific day – just an awful, awful day.”

But your close friend did get married, though, right? Right?

Oh, and Edfors carried the playoff.

Conor Nagle