Target Practice!
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Many of you have probably already come across this video, but I can’t get enough of it. Above, we have a four-year-old golfer, who has quite a lovely swing, using the range cart picker as target practice. And he dings the cart four times in a row! I can’t get over his swing! Nice form, kid. (Wait, this can’t be real, can it? Please tell me it is.)

Oh, the poor guy driving, as I understand it’s really unpleasant when that happens. But who hasn’t been that rascal?? I have fond memories of having target practice contests with my friends while I was growing up. It was especially fun when it was one of our other friends driving the ball picker.

Yep, I was that 14-year-old range rat who got dropped off at the local muni every day and practiced with the boys. Forgive me.

Big hat tip to Geoff Shackelford and Jeff Ritter for discovering this gem.