Nice Effing Frog Costume, Jerry Kelly
By Stephanie Wei under Nice Effing Pants

Jerry Kelly settled his Rose Bowl bet with JJ Henry

Back in January, J.J. Henry, who played golf at TCU, and Jerry Kelly, who hails from Madison, WI, made a Rose Bowl bet. The loser had to wear the winning school’s mascot costume. On Wednesday ten minutes before Henry and TCU football coach Gary Patterson teed off for the pro-am at Colonial, Kelly walked up to the practice green in a full Superfrog costume.

Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas reports:

Kelly was a good sport, exchanging high-fives with the kids and flashing the Horned Frog hand sign. Patterson laughed as Kelly walked up to him.

“Some guys bet and some guys follow through,” Patterson said. “He followed through. He looks great.”

Kelly and Henry were busy texting throughout the Rose Bowl and as soon as it was over, Kelly knew he’d have to pay up.

“I’m glad it’s a nice day out,” Kelly said. “Can you imagine if it was 90? I’ve got a lot of respect for mascots now, let me tell you.”

Kelly was disappointed he couldn’t see Henry in the Bucky Badger costume.

“I had it ready to come here and every Bucky has been over 6-2, so he would have fit perfectly,” said Kelly, noting that Henry is 6-foot-3. “But it seems like I fit pretty good in this one.”

Henry couldn’t stop laughing and enjoyed showing Kelly off to a large TCU contingent on hand for the pro-am.

“He’s just a great sport,” Henry said. “Obviously, when we found out TCU was playing Wisconsin, we wanted to have some fun with it. He’s a great guy, great for the game and a fun guy to be around. Today is all about having a great time. It was fun to do this.”

After being introduced on the tee as “Jerry ‘Superfrog’ Kelly,” Kelly hit a drive while sporting the full costume. Check out the video below for more highlights. And keep your head down, Jerry.